This November the District Angling crew is heading up a trip to the Rust Belt - a section of the midwest and Great Lakes region noted for deindustrialization and fantastic lake-run steelhead fishing. Fall is the best time to target these fish as they return to the streams of their youth.

You arrive in Springville, NY and can fish the second half of the day or get settled into your surroundings. The next 3 days are guided fishing for these chrome rocketships. You’ll spend 4 nights in a rustic cabin, and drinks, meals, and good times and great fish stories will flow freely. Tall tales are on the house. Breakfasts are cooked in the cabins, lunch and flies are provided by the guides, and dinners on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are done by District Angling ambassador and pitmaster Mike Cartechine. We won’t elaborate on the menu, but let’s just say you won’t go hungry and there might be some squabbling over leftovers.

Your guides are weathered, seasoned anglers that know the fishery in the Erie tributaries better than anyone else around, and your location for fishing changes based on the weather conditions. Single and two-handed spey rods can be used, and the weather can change quickly - 60 degree afternoons or Lake Effect snow are all possibilities, so you’ll need to prepare for a variety of conditions. But don’t worry - we think we know where you can get all the stuff you need.

Dates - November 21-24, 2019
Capacity - 6 anglers + 2 hosts
2019 Cost - $1,250

Ivan Sanchez & Cory Ashwood - Hosts

Our co-hosts on this trip will be helping to familiarize our guests with the intricacies that Great Lakes steelheading entails. That includes showing proper drifting techniques, how to fight and land these brutes, and also the best way to eat a breakfast sandwich with one hand while casting with the other.


If you're interested, please e-mail us for details.

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