Ambassadors… just what does that mean in the fly fishing world? Is it people who are great stewards of the sport, who set good examples as anglers? People who enjoy fishing and who catch some amazing fish, all while making it look easy? Anglers that love to travel and take the time to experience new cultures, new customs, and new fish species because they love it as much as we do?

The answer to all of those questions is a resounding YES. District Angling ambassadors love to fish for everything with fins. They enjoy trout in the mountains and bass in a pond just as much as stripers on the coast and redfish in the marsh and bonefish on the flats. And we want to share their adventures with you. We encourage their fishing journeys, and we don’t ask them to do anything other than keep doing what they’re doing . We encourage you to check out what each one of our talented ambassadors is doing, follow them on social media, and live vicariously through the windows into their fishing worlds.

 Photo Credit:  Peter Hellberg

Wray first showed up in our shop in 2009 as a young kid wanting to intern, and after some shocking and entertaining events in our shop, he eventually grew (and grew!) into one of our most favorite people on the planet. Wray hosted the first Project Healing Waters Fly Tying Marathon, an event that has grown into a nationwide event, is an Eagle Scout, and is a graduate of the University of Utah and one of the finest outdoor photographers we know.

Wray lives in Los Angeles, CA now and when he’s not partying with the Kardashians or playing stunt double to Lebron James, he is traveling the world with a fly rod in one hand and his camera in the other.

Fans of great photography will love his InstaGram feed.

Braden Miller is our youngest brand ambassador at 13 years old.  He taught himself by watching videos on YouTube and Instagram, and has been fly fishing and tying since he was just 8 years old.  Since then he has traveled the world chasing fish with his fly rod and own-tied flies, though he prefers trout and largemouth bass,

Braden has made fly tying appearances throughout the country, including the Fly Fishing Show in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, at Lefty Kreh's Tie Fest, and at the Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing 2-Fly Tournament.  He also continues to volunteer at charitable events, and even convinced his family he needed to attend iCast in Orlando where he participated in the Iron Fly Competition as the youngest competitor to attend the event.

Braden is Jr. Pro-Staff for Norvise and Temple Fork Outfitters, and we can't be more excited to share his fly tying and fly fishing adventures and accomplishments.

Check out Braden's InstaGram feed

 Photo Credit:  Mitya Ku

Morgan grew up fly fishing with family and friends for bluegill, bass and trout on the east coast. He has lived most of his life in Virginia and frequently fishes the upper and tidal Potomac, Shenandoah, James and New Rivers.  His favorite species to target is smallmouth bass although he also seeks out redfish, stripers, musky and snakehead regularly. 

Morgan enjoys tying as much as fishing, and likes tying everything from simple to complex, and small to large fly patterns.  He is normally sitting at the vice or running up creeks in a jet boat in search of the next catch.

See Morgan's InstaGram feed

 Photo Credit:  dimnikolov

Chris has been an avid adventurer since she was young, engaging in backpacking, climbing and snowboarding adventures all around the world. Her passion for fly fishing started with her first lesson on the Brooks River in Katmai National Park, Alaska. Her passion has since taken her everywhere to fish, from the remote rivers of Alaska to the tropical waters of Belize to the small streams in the Shenandoah National Park. Chris’ love for Alaska’s wild places has prompted numerous adventures throughout the state, traveling by foot and by raft. Chris currently splits her time between Washington, DC and Haines, Alaska, where her partner lives.

We love Chris’ Instagram posts.


Kevin is a thoroughbred Yinzr, born and raised in Pittsburgh.  He is self-taught in all things fly fishing, with strong roots in farm-pond bass and stocked trout.  Always up for an adventure and a good story with new friends, fishing has led Kevin around the lower 48 and many other far off places.  Just like his varied pursuits on the water, Kevin’s time at the fly tying vise is spread wide across many styles…. Great Lakes Steelhead, west coast steelhead, trout, bass, salmon, carp, bluegill, or whatever the next trip that he is scheming.      

Kevin is the Content Director for, pro tier for Regal, Partridge, & Lagartun, and is the proud father of 3 fun loving kids and husband to an amazing woman. 

Kevin's InstaGram and YouTube feeds are awesome.

Born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Joe’s love of fishing started on the tributaries of Lake Michigan in what is now an endless pursuit of the tug from a steelhead.  As at home on the bow of a tarpon skiff as he is wet-wading a clear spring creek, fly fishing has become Joe’s passion and favorite respite from his side hustle working for Uncle Sam.  After eight years of sandy, troutless duty stations and deployments as a US Marine, he was fortunate to guide on the renowned salmon rivers and lakes of Bristol Bay, Alaska, before returning to the East Coast.  He credits that experience with galvanizing his hunger to continue to travel the continent and world with a fly rod in hand. 

In his spare time, Joe enjoys volunteering with Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing, rooting for Navy football, swearing at the Packers’ lack of a decent running game, and shooting the breeze over cold ones at District Angling.

Joe’s InstaGram page is full of great posts.

Charlie currently resides in Virginia Beach after transplanting from Northern Virginia two years ago. Most of his early 20s were spent figuring out ways to fish various destinations. Through these endeavors,  Charlie has ended up in some incredible fishing destinations including: Alaska working at a fly fishing lodge, Mexico hobbling after roosters, on the bow of a Jon Boat looking for tarpon and of course burning tons of gas chasing after most of the species Virginia has to offer. 

He currently serves on the board of Legends of the Fly, an organization whose aim is to expand saltwater fly fishing in Virginia Beach. He is also one of the top taggers for the Virginia Game Fish Tagging Program. Charlie mainly focuses on tagging large speckled trout and younger red drum that can be found prowling the flats of Virginia’s coastal waters. Charlie lives close to the water, which offers him the opportunity to get out quite often -- you can be sure Charlie takes full advantage of this. 

Visit Charlie’s InstaGram profile and prepare to get jealous.

Kevin is a lifelong fisherman and avid outdoorsman. From a very young age Kevin started fishing for panfish on a dock with his grandfather. Graduating from live worms on the end of a bobber, Kevin started fly fishing and by age twelve was stealing his mothers thread to tie his own flies. After getting a fly tying kit one Christmas, his art truly started to develop. Kevin’s fishing craft was honed on the Potomac River and is a skilled angler and a phenomenal fly tyer.

Kevin’s artistic creations at the vise can be found in our shop.

Check out Kevin’s InstaGram profile.

Mike is a Rust Belt resident that started fly fishing before The Movie. He cut his teeth on the warm water fisheries in Ohio before moving east. His home river is the Upper Delaware, and in 2017 he founded the Upper Delaware River Native Fish Society, which raises awareness and respect for the native shad, chub, sucker, and black bass of this fabled fishery.  He can also be found swinging muddlers for lake run fish on Great Lakes tributaries, and learning more about salt any chance he gets.

Mike prefers medium-fast action 5-weights with clean lines, sharp knives, meats cooked over fire, real Neapolitan pizza, and a well stocked & organized drift boat.

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Chris catches fish. Better bio coming.

Chris’ InstaGram is pretty wicked.