Each year in the fall the fishing comes to a pinnacle in the southernmost Outer Banks at Cape Lookout.  False albacore upwards of 15 pounds show up and blitz bay anchovies and silversides, all within 5-10 miles of the shoreline of the Crystal Coast.

Bring your 9 and 10-weight faster action rods with stiff fighting butts for these junior members of the tuna family.  20lb fluorocarbon leaders and tippet, and clear intermediate shooting heads for rapid-fire casting to busting fish.  

We rent a house on the oceanfront.  Each house sleeps 6-8 people, with regular amenities like cable, WiFi and internet, and breakfast in the mornings cooked by our hosts.  You'll partake in 3 days of fishing for 6 hours each day, with a break midway through the day to sample waterfront dining options and fresh local fare.

Dates - Cancelled Due To Hurricane Florence
Capacity - 7 anglers + 1 host
2019 Cost - Price & availability pending


If you're interested, please e-mail us for details.

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