Trout fishing on the East coast can be challenging, and some of the finest rivers lay east of the Mississippi River.  But the West is the most loved destination for trout fisherman from all over the world who want to chase big browns, rainbows, and cutthroat trout that will eat big flies, take you into your backing, and show you why you enjoy fishing so much.  Big water, bigger rods, and big flies create a draw for everyone from the inexperienced angler to the expert.

Each year we plan 1 or 2 trips out west for a great fly fishing experience you won't forget.  We visit Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, or Utah, and visit great lodges, restaurants, campgrounds, and overnight in some amazing canyons with fantastic scenery.  We bring our anglers to places we know and trust our hosts and the fishing, and spend time with our friends that share the same passion that we do - beautiful, wary, hard-fighting trout in gorgeous locations.

Dates - Scheduling for 2019
Capacity - 9 anglers + 1 host
2019 Cost - Price & availability pending


If you're interested, please e-mail us for details.

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