Reel Maintenance

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Reel Maintenance


Reel Cleaning & Maintenance is per reel and includes:

  • Hand cleaning interior and exterior
  • Removal of dirt & debris
  • Removal of line and backing
  • Knots checked and re-tied if needed
  • Line lightly cleaned
  • Drag and parts inspected and lubricated if needed
  • Re-spooling of backing and line

All reels ready within 2 business days.  Reels needing replacement parts subject to additional charge.  Return time of reel if replacement parts are not immediately available can add 7-10 days before reel will be ready.

*Reel maintenance is solely up to the discretion of District Angling.  We do not work, examine, or touch any sealed or antique reels such as Bogdan, Charleton, automatic, or Ari T. Hart reels.*

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